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Dedicated Volunteer Gardeners

To our talented Gardeners thank you for your work and dedication!

Ann Kreiser

Amy Borgeson
Beth & Tom Lorentz
Bill Hanley
Cathy Folland

Christopher Smith
Colleen Fodness

Crystal Meriwether

Davian Stark

David Litfin
Dirk McAnelly
Gary Gilbertson
Georgia Ziegler
Geruth Buetow

Holly Backus

Jeffrey Hunsinger

Jessica Austin
Jolene Butzke
Judy Davis
Kate Manning
Larry Wick
Laura Villa
Linda Kohl
Linda Valeri

Lori Hanley
Lori Lifto
Lory Perryman
Maria Engen
Marilyn Amundson
Mark Champagne

Maureen Panke
Michelle McAnelly
Michelle Stinson Ross
Nancy Tracy
Pamela Converse
Paula Neuman-Scott
Robert & Myles Edwards
Sara Kendall

Sara Bunn
Susan Larson
Vicki & Peter Dimock Nauschultz
Vicki Schiller
Wolf Schiller

Todd Wanshura


Like so many of our volunteers, there's more than one way to help in MearsPark! 

You can be a volunteer waterer, weeder or serve on the Lowertown Community

Clean-up Crew.

If you are interested in volunteering, whether once or on-going, please send an email to

Nancy has such beautiful color and texture in her gardens! So pretty!

Our beautiful gardens are the host for many great events like Lowertown Sounds which provides fantastic music every Thursday evening through the entire Summer!

People and fur babies of all ages enjoy getting together as a community to dance, eat food truck delights and dancing to the tunes the bands play.

Kelly & Chris' garden is near the southeast section of the park. Will spring hurry and get here so we can get digging...

Lory's photo was taken in June 2019, this is her second year as a gardener.  Like many of us she is still figuring out what to put where to compliment aquired perennials.  The Maidenhair Ferns are so beautiful and taking hold nicely!

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