Volunteer Gardeners Share!

To our talented Gardeners thank you for your work and dedication!

Jessica Austin

Jolene Butzke

Lindsey Byhre

Marilyn Amundson

Teresa Cerling

Mark Champagne

Courtney Chandler

Carole Conama

Heidi Erickson

Gary Gilbertson

Monica Ibarra

Vincent King

Anne Kreiser

Lee Ann LaBore

Lori Lifto

Lory Perryman

Brent Peterson

Eumi Pyum

Nancy Tracy

Lynne Schanks

Kelly & Chris Smith

Linda Valeri

Judy Davis & Larry Wick

Amber Guthmiller

Michelle & Dirk McAnelly

Leah Montgomery

Kathleen Montgomery

Paula Neuman-Scott

Cathy Folland


Nancy has such beautiful color and texture in her gardens! So pretty!

Courtney's beautiful garden is located in the north-west diagonal close to the pergola.

Kelly & Chris' garden is near the southeast section of the park. Will spring hurry and get here so we can get digging...

Lory's photo was taken in June 2019, this is her second year as a gardener.  Like many of us she is still figuring out what to put where to compliment aquired perennials.  The Maidenhair Ferns are so beautiful and taking hold nicely!

Teresa has done wonders with her southwest garden considering the heavy foot traffic in this area! Her boarders look so lush and beautiful!

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