Recognizing the Friends of Mears Park for

their dedication and stewardship of Mears Park

Friends of Mears Park City Council Resol
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WHEREAS the Friends of Mears Park is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization founded in 1994 to support the operation, maintenance and beautification of Mears Park; and

WHEREAS the Friends of Mears Park support forty-eight gardeners that tend forty-two garden plots throughout the Park, many of whom spend not only their time but their money creating beautiful beds for the public to enjoy; and

WHEREAS the Friends of Mears Park supply gardeners with equipment, tools, signage, and spring plantings, supporting up to 7000 volunteer hours annually; and

WHEREAS the Friends of Mears Park pay for and maintain the hanging flower baskets that surround the park and coordinates their plantings with Blooming Saint Paul; and

WHEREAS the Friends of Mears Park partner with Saint Paul Parks and Recreation and meet twice a year to coordinate, plan park projects, and communicate issues related to lawn care, irrigation, vandalism and security; and

WHEREAS the Friends of Mears Park help support a venue that provides concerts, ceremonies, and other public gatherings, including classical music from 9 am to 9 pm for the enjoyment of visitors; and

WHEREAS during the COVID-19 closures of this summer, the Friends of Mears Park supported local restaurants in their neighborhood by sponsoring, along with the Downtown Alliance, local music in Mears Park from July 9th through September 25th, and inviting the community to enjoy a socially-distanced evening with neighbors and friends with great takeout food; and

WHEREAS, with the support of the Lowertown community and the City of Saint Paul, the Friends of Mears Park design, install, and maintain the festive holiday lights that make Mears Park a magical place to visit in the winter; and

WHEREAS, the Friends of Mears Park volunteer their time and talent to bring the entire downtown community together to support and vitalize our public spaces;

WHEREAS in 2020, the Friends of Mears Park organized a live-streaming event for the official holiday lighting for people that could not attend in person due to the pandemic; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the City of Saint Paul thanks the Friends of Mears Park, its leadership and volunteers for the generosity of their time, money and talents that make Mears Park a beautiful place to live and visit

Enjoy the Magic of Mears Park & Happy Holidays to all!
This event is a great example of public and private funding coming together to make something wonderful happen for our community!  We thank the City of Saint Paul, Councilmember Rebecca Noecker, Parks & Recreations, and the following businesses: The Airye Condominium Association, Bigos Management, Big River Pizza, the Bulldog, FirstService Residential, Securian Financial, River Park Lofts, The Credit Department, and the many individual contributions that made all this possible!
About Us

Friends of Mears Park is an all-volunteer sponsored nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization started in 1992 with the purpose to care for and maintain Mears Park.

On the Park

Mears Park is located in the heart of downtown Saint Paul's Lowertown district. The park has a pergola with electricity, seasonal flower gardens, and a beautiful stream running diagonally through the park. It is home to many concerts, events and festivals throughout the year.


Through the generosity of individuals and business alike makes it possible for Friends of Mears Park to exist! Making our neighborhood a beautiful social place to live.

Get Involved

Contact us if you would like to become a urban gardener or help keep our park clean! Send us your favorite pictures taken during special events so we can share them with our Lowertown residents.

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