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Mears Park Ash Tree Removal & Replacement Plan/Timeline

On February 10, 2022, Mears Park ash tree removal was completed.


Spring Stump grinding was completed on 4/27/22.


Week of May 16th, 21 tree plantings include 6 Hackberry, 4 Sienna Glen Maples, 5 New Horizon Elms,

6 Great Wall Tree Lilacs and 1 Yellowwood tree.

1-year tree warranty by the contractor and tree problems need to be reported.

Concerns about vandalism and dog urine.

Size about 1-1/2” calipers, the canopy will grow to equal today's ash trees.

Fencing installed, and mulch rings laid.

The vendor will water trees this season. Next year we will need volunteers to help water once the gator bags are installed.


After June 1, 2022, treat 28 ash in the SW section, treatment lasts 2 – 3 years (future treatment TBD).


The Meeting recording can be found at:

Ash Tree Removal

ash tree removal.jpg

Ash Tree Replacement

Ash Tree Replacement & Plantigd update 4.20.22.JPG
replacement trees 2022.png

Please do not feed the squirrels

Feeding the squirrels is causing many problems in the park. Overfeeding them is just cruel. They will relocate to other areas if people would please stop feeding them!

Sec. 45.03. (15-16) of Saint Paul City Code states a section regarding feeding nuisance animals.

Large Squirrel.JPG
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